Our Naked Lives: Essays from Gay Italian American Men


Joseph Anthony LoGiudice and Michael Carosone: Introduction

Michael Carosone: This Is What I Remember

John D’Emilio: More Italian American than Catholic: Coming Out to My Parents, 1974

Charles Derry: Truths in the Middle of the Night: Remembering Aunt Frannie

George De Stefano: Fuori in Italia: A Gay Grandson Encounters La Madrepatria

Joseph A. Federico: Just a Plain Old (Gay) Italian American

Joseph Anthony LoGiudice: My Identity Is Lavender, So Am I Italian American?

Michael Luongo: A Gay Guido’s Pilgrimage: Remembering Rome’s 2000 World Pride

David Masello: Adopted Son

Tommi Avicolli Mecca: “Ma tu sei pazzo?!”: Notes from a Radical Southern Italian/American

Queer Activist

Joe Oppedisano: The Problem with Me Is…

Felice Picano: Growing Up Un-Italian-American

Frank Anthony Polito: Italian-American Reconciliation

Michael Schiavi: When One (Dead) Gay Italian American Son Helps Another

Frank Spinelli: Sunday Dinners

Tony Tripoli: Hi, My Name Is Tony Tripoli

Contributors’ Bios


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